Congratulations to Jointech, for supplying GPS E-seal to Environmental Protection Department, Hong Kong

Jointech received the confirmation from Environmental Protection Department, Hong Kong,in December, to be the only supplier of GPS E-seal trackers.    

From thecommunication with EPD officer, we understand that there is a lack theinformation of whether the returned cargo reached the designated place, whetherit is opened and when/where it is opened in the trip.

JT707A GPS E-seal tracker provides perfect solution in this regard, as long it issealed on the containers, it reports GPS position and seal status in real timeat set interval, and alarms will be triggered immediately once the cable cut.All the data and reports can be saved or exported, for record or trace at anytime.

WithJT707A GPS E-seal, EPD will have an eye on all returned containers, they cantrack their location and status in real time, and takes prompt action atunauthorized operation, ensures the effective supervision.

Jointech JT707A is a kind GPS electronic seal tracker, which is used for asset tracking, sealing and cargo secuirty solution. Device is with features: inbuilt GPS, GSM module for global locating and real time tracking, waterproof IP67 for ourdoor hard environment, replaceable seal cable, seal cable cut alert, etc. It is suitable to asset tracking and monitoring in transportation, such as: ISO container, trailer, and van truck, etc.

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