Fuel Gauge

The fuel gauge is like a warning light for car life. The fuel gauge is an indicator that can display the amount of fuel on the engine. At present, the car fuel gauge is mainly divided into digital display fuel gauge and pointer fuel display gauge.

The fuel gauge is composed of a fuel indicator gauge, an oil level height sensor and a power regulator.

The fuel indicator has different forms such as electric heating type, electromagnetic type, electronic integrated type, etc.

The low fuel level alarm device will illuminate the alarm immediately when the amount of fuel in the fuel tank is less than a certain value to attract the driver's attention.

The car fuel gauge can display the fuel value in the car's fuel tank in real time.It can tell the owner accurately how much fuel the car consumes , and how much storage is left in the fuel tank. Owners also make judgments based on the fuel gauge to determine whether they need to refuel or how many miles they can travel.

Most of the digital display fuel gauges are equipped with LED display for easy viewing. Owners can decide whether to refuel according to the fuel gauge showing the remaining fuel in the fuel tank. If refueling is required, the fuel gauge can also display the amount of fuel added each time accurately. Not only does the fuel gauge function as a scale, but also it can display the fuel consumption per kilometer and the fuel consumption of the car in a more advanced and accurate manner, and whether it saves fuel. The fuel gauge also reminds the owner of the remaining fuel capacity of the car.

If the owner does not refuel in time, once the fuel storage volume falls below a certain value, the vehicle fuel gauge will have a fuel alarm function.

In addition, the car's fuel gauge can even display the car's odometer, which can store real-time measurement data for three months for data management.

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