Tank Level Sensor

The tank level sensor is simple to install.It is also easy to use. It has strong interchangeability.

The high-quality sensor has high sensitivity and fast response speed.It can reflects the small changes of the flowing and static liquid level accurately. It has high measurement accuracy.

The fuel tank liquid level sensor has explosion-proof and explosion-proof capabilities and can be used in various hazardous locations.

The tank level sensor has strong anti-interference ability and long transmission distance. Whats more,it has certain anti-corrosion ability.

How to remove the tank level sensor ?

It is very convenient to disassemble the tank level sensor. First, drain the fuel in the fuel tank before dismantling, then raise the rear of the car, and support it with a stand.

Then remove the relevant parts, pay attention to block the fuel tank with a clean cloth outlet and oil outlet.

Disassemble the electric wire connector of the fuel tank oil level sensor, and pull the wire away from the thread, unscrew the fixing nut of the fuel tank. Lift the fuel tank slowly and pull out the oil drain hose. The fuel level sensor of the car can be removed. If there is a fault, it should be replaced in time.

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