GPS E-Lock

GPS E-Lock has built-in GPS module and GPRS module. It can accurately locate the vehicle position

GPS E-Lock adopts high-strength plastic mold, the lock body is not easy to damage, and it will provide an alarm signal after passive destruction, which can prevent falling, shock, waterproof and dust.

The capacity of the battery is large, it has a long working time.

The waterproof GPS electronic lock is designed for logistics vehicles specially and is fully suitable for long-term outdoor use.

The administrator can set the electronic lock remotely when the lock is open.

It can locate the location information to locate the vehicle instant information. And can be set a time to return a piece of positioning information in the supervision mode until the supervision mode is closed.

The electronic key can be opened by using the key in special situations such as no electricity or no signal on the SIM card. Key authorization can be authorized by the monitoring center according to the actual situation.

The monitoring alarm will alarm the violation according to the preset alarm range, timeout and route.

A GPS intelligent electronic lock with positioning remote control and open monitoring is suitable for container and van vehicle logistics transportation management.

The operation site has an application mode of IC card, intelligent handheld device, system platform and WeChat platform. The system platform manages the unlock password and records the position of the switch lock, the running track of the lock, the history of the switch lock and the alarm information, and can open the information SMS to notify the delivery supervisor.

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