The oil level sensor

Cars are one of our favorite means of transportation in daily life. Whether it is daily travel or carrying goods, cars are not only fast and comfortable, but also save the time. It greatly improved our quality of life and work.

The oil level sensor is suitable for the detection of the oil level of various vehicle fuel tanks, the detection of various liquids for industrial use, the detection of the oil quantity of the construction machinery oil tank, the fuel consumption detection of the generator set, the oil quantity detection of the tank truck and so on.

The oil level sensor uses the magnetic field generated by the ferrite magnet to control the on-off of the reed switch, and converts the change of the measured oil level into a resistance voltage signal output. It is connected to a secondary instrument to detect the height of the tank oil level .

Our oil level sensor has high detection accuracy, safety, reliability and long service life and is easy to install and other outstanding features that become an excellent alternative to the current fuel tank fuel level sensors for various vehicles.

It is widely used in various vehicles including industrial vehicles, heavy vehicles, passenger cars and agricultural vehicles, tank oil level measurement and various liquid detection in industry.

The housing material of the oil level sensor is stainless steel.

The oil level sensor is not only resistant to corrosion but also resistant to wear.

The oil level sensor is non-contact measurement which is safe and reliable.

The oil level sensor has good seismic performance and impact resistance.

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