Container Cargo Seal

Container cargo seal is a lock of the container. It can only be used once, after opening it can not be used again. It has a unique title on it, and if the customer gets a container seal with the same number as on the bill of lading, the container has not been opened and the goods are intact. Container cargo seal is mainly used to protect the safety of goods in the container.

Classification cargo seals include factory seals, customs seals, shipping company seals, dock temporary seals.

According to the materials and functions of seals, they can be divided into high-security seals, steel wire seals, plastic seals, iron-sheeted seals, padlock seals and so on.

It is applicable to customs containers, tanker trucks, container trucks and so on.

There is the operation flow of container seal.

After the goods are loaded, the person responsible for the shipment, the checker, the supervisor and the carrier shall will make a final check.

After checking, the locksmith will close the door and lock the cabinet in time under the supervision of the supervisor.

After closing the container door, the locksmith will seal the container door in time.

To confirm that the container is sealed correctly, the container lock manager will make timely sealing records.

The lock sleeve and the lock core of the container are made of metal, it is covered with ABS plastic, and the lock body is of clip-spring type structure. The surface of the lock body is hot-pressed, laser-typed, serial number and bar code. The color can be customized according to the user's requirements.

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