Fuel Sensor

The fuel sensor is a sensor used to detect gasoline volatile gas. It can be used to sense the concentration of oil and gas products. This sensor has catalytic combustion type combustible gas sensor and semiconductor type gasoline volatile gas sensor.

There are the advantages and in the application process.

It has high sensitivity.

It can detect tiny amounts of gas.

It can detect gasoline volatile gas sensor.It has a very high sensitivity to gasoline gas, good repeatability and long-term stability.

Gasoline gas sensors are used in industry to detect oil, gas and gasoline volatile gases. It can be used to detect the potential hazards of gasoline volatile gases by sensing oil and gas gas concentration products and products that require gasoline concentration values, such as industrial type oil and gas detectors, underground garage gasoline volatile gas detection alarms and car gasoline detection alarm.

The hydrocarbons discharged into the atmosphere by gasoline volatilization mainly have alkanes and aromatic hydrocarbons, including isobutane, butane, isopentane, pentane, hexane, benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene, etc.

Gasoline is a Class B fire hazard, with a flash point of -50 ° C and an explosion range of 1.3% -6.0%. Because gasoline has a low flash point and strong volatility, as long as there is little ignition energy in the air, it will burn. When gasoline vapor is mixed with air and the concentration reaches the explosion limit range, an explosion will occur if a certain energy source is encountered. So it is very necessary to use fuel sensor .

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