The GPS door lock is a new type of electronic lock device for mobile target positioning communication. It adopts GPS satellite positioning technology, GSM, GPRS technology and active RFID technology to provide networked mobile target positioning communication services and the positioning within a small area.

The GPS system uses low-frequency signals, which can maintain considerable signal penetration although the weather is bad .Its global coverage is as high as 98%. its 3D fixed-speed timing is highly is fast, and efficient. It is also multifunctional.

The GPS door lock uses GPS positioning, GSM , GPRS TCP and UDP communication technology, It supports GSM 850,900,1800 and 1900 MHz.

Here are the advantages of the GPS door lock.

It uses active UHF 900M Hz RFID, which can perform wireless communication in the area.

It uses the latest GPS chip from a well-known foreign manufacturer with extremely high sensitivity and its offset range is within 10 meters.

It has the design of scientific electric control lock , it has built-in GPS antenna, GSM antenna, RFID antenna, supports anti-folding and card change alarm

It has a high-capacity lithium battery, extremely low standby power consumption, ultra-long and standby for 30 days.

It is not only high-end but also waterproof.

It supports mobile phone SMS query positioning, switch lock and set the operating parameters of this device.

It can pinpoint the exact location and has five-fold anti-theft,such as vibration, shift, battery removal, power failure, positioning and tracking support.

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