Padlock is a kind of anti-theft lock, with C, E, SBE, G and other specifications. MUL-T-LOCK lock has anti-drill, anti-prying, anti-universal key, anti-shear, anti-torsion, E, SBE The C-type padlock also has waterproof fog and anti-freezing performance. E-type and G-type padlocks can be provided with anti-shear cover performance, and C-type padlocks can be provided with hook protection cover, which further enhances the anti-theft performance of the padlock.

It has a global patented interactive bead structure. The key has a movable bead, which interacts with the corresponding movable bead in the lock core. It is a technically-opened nemesis and the highest anti-theft level of mechanical locks at present.

E, SBE, and C padlocks are made of super-hard alloy steel, G padlocks are made of zinc alloy, and all padlock lock hooks are made of boron and manganese alloys. They are suitable for machines, instruments, pipes, and banks,warehouses, escape doors, prisons, shops, shopping malls, offices, petrochemicals, oil trucks, toolboxes, high-security places, etc.

There are top open padlocks, straight open padlocks, horizontal open padlocks, beam open padlocks and password padlocks. There are 10,000 passwords for password padlocks.

According to the material, it has stainless steel padlock, copper padlock, iron padlock and zinc alloy padlock.

Stainless steel padlock

The stainless steel padlock has strong anti-oxidation ability, it is suitable for outdoor use,

The copper padlock

The main material of the lock is copper.The use of small copper padlocks is more common

Iron padlock

Iron padlock is widely used. It contains electroplated iron padlock, grey iron padlock and imitation copper padlock

Zinc alloy padlock

The zinc alloy formed by die-casting machine with high precision.

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