The Functions Of GPS Tracker

1. Positioning function. The GPS tracker has an instant positioning function to keep track of the position information of the object being tracked.

2. Alarm function. The GPS tracker can take emergency alarm functions in the event of an abnormality, such as displacement alarm, overspeed alarm, and cross-section alarm.

3. Remote monitoring function. The GPS tracker can also set the monitoring number. When the set number is dialed to the terminal, the terminal will automatically answer the call, thereby provides a monitoring effect.

4. Automatic sleep functions. The built-in vibration sensor will automatically enter the sleep state if there is no vibration within the specified time.

Use of GPS tracker

GPS trackers can be used for land applications including vehicle navigation, engineering surveys, municipal planning controls, and marine applications such as ocean-going ship route determination, hydrogeological surveys, and offshore platform positioning. Not only that, GPS trackers can also be used in aerospace applications, including aircraft navigation, aviation rescue and so on. GPS measurements do not require viewing, and GPS trackers are fast and accurate.

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