Smart Lock

Related introduction

The smart lock refers to a lock that is more intelligent in terms of user identification, security, and management than the traditional mechanical lock. The smart lock is an execution component of the lock door in the access control system. The smart spot of the smart lock reflects the ability to remotely control the phone and link with the smart home.

It uses non-mechanical keys as a mature technology for user identification IDs such as fingerprint locks, finger vein locks, magnetic cards, TM cards, and more. Today, smart locks are used in many places: banks, government departments, and hotels, school dormitories, and residential communities.

Performance characteristics

1. Convenience: It is different from the general mechanical lock, has an automatic electronic induction locking system, and also adds the unlock function of the mobile phone APP, which can remotely control the door lock of the home through the mobile phone.

2. Security: The latest smart lock also has a virtual password function technology, that is, before or after the registered password, any number can be input as a dummy password, which effectively prevents the registration password from being leaked, and at the same time, the door lock can be opened.

3. Security: Today's smart locks are different from the previous "first open and then scan" mode. The scanning method is very simple. You can place your finger on the top of the scan and scan from top to bottom without pressing your finger on the scan. At the same time, the scanning method reduces the fingerprint residue, reduces the possibility that the fingerprint is copied, and is safe and exclusive.

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