Generator Monitoring

Advantages of generator remote monitoring system
1.Start the service only when we needed.
2.Greatly reduce the impact of theft of fuel.
3.Remote test start generator to reduce startup problems.
4.Remote monitoring is convenient for grasping the opportunity.

Generator remote monitoring working principle
Under normal circumstances, managers generally monitor the various states of the generator through the generator controller and issue commands through the controller panel. The controller is the intermediary component of our operation and management of the generator. Therefore, the remote monitoring and management of many diesel generators needs to solve three problems. First, the controller must have a data interface, second, how to remotely, and third, how to centrally manage.
First, on the computer, the controller panel is simulated by software, and the interaction data between the manager and the software is transmitted to the controller through the controller data interface. In this solution, the company's LXC7220 controller and its configuration software implement this function.
The wireless data transmission module is a module based on a GPRS network. It has two interfaces, one antenna, which can be connected to the Internet through an antenna, and another RS232 data interface that can be connected to the generator controller data interface. As a result, the generator controller is indirectly connected to the Internet, and can perform data interaction with the configuration software in the Internet, and the user realizes the function of remotely monitoring the generator through the configuration software.

The role of generator remote monitoring
The generator remote monitoring system adopts centralized and unified management, unattended, remote real-time monitoring of various parameters, remote start and stop, scheduled start-up training, automatic inspection and maintenance, fault alarm analysis, record storage retransmission and other functions, and can be passed through PC. End, APP mobile terminal remote monitoring management. As long as we have a computer or mobile phone in hand, we can control the operation of the generator anytime and anywhere. Save time and effort, greatly improve the efficiency of generator users or maintenance personnel, and greatly save the cost of manpower and material resources, so the remote monitoring and management system of the generator plays a very important economic benefit and value to the maintenance and repair of the generator. The operation mode of machine maintenance work will be in line with information technology.

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