Bluetooth Padlock

Bluetooth padlock, the appearance looks like the ordinary traditional padlock, the only difference is that there is a "smart heart", the biggest advantage of the Bluetooth padlock is that it does not require a key, eliminating the need to carry. Directly controlled by a smart phone, eliminating the trouble of having a key. Safe and convenient.


Bluetooth padlock works
The working principle of the Bluetooth padlock is to use low-power Bluetooth technology to establish a Bluetooth connection between the mobile phone and the padlock, thereby controlling the items that need to be kept. One mobile phone can control multiple locks, and one lock can also support multiple mobile phones for control. Control the system. Support mobile phone Bluetooth unlock, password unlock, fingerprint sensing unlock and many other ways.

Bluetooth padlock can be used in scenarios
Bluetooth padlocks can be used in a wide variety of scenarios. Like access control attendance, it can provide automatic control system for entrances and exits for residential or office buildings. It can keep a variety of functions such as entry and exit, query, statistics, etc. It can retain the unlocking record function and facilitate monitoring and management. It can also be used in daily padlocks, such as small padlocks for suitcases and bicycles. In addition, it is also applicable to furniture and office furniture. Not only that, but also add the Bluetooth unlock function of the mobile phone in the traditional anti-theft door lock, which is also suitable for apartments, dormitory and other environments.

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