Jointech presents on TelematicX 2019 in Belarus

Jointech,a turnkey solution supplier of Mobile Assets Monitoring in Shenzhen,participated in TelematicX 2019 on July 30 – August 1 in Minsk held by Gurtam, the International software developer in Belarus.

DuringTelematicX 2019, Jointech gave a presentation themed "How IntelligentE-locks Secures Shipping Efficiency?"

Besides,Jointech’s stand was also surrounded by worldwide GPS clients inquiring for ourE-lock products. Please check the following pictures.

What’s more , we were deeply impressed by Jointech’s existingclient’s recommendation to our potential clients on the spot. Please check thefollowing video.

A UAE client is introducing his UAE Customs Project using ourproducts to a potential client from Georgia who also has a on-going Customsproject.

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