The flow sensor

The flow sensor can be docked with various types of terminals in two ways: one is the RS232 serial interface and the GPS terminal. The other is the CAN bus interface, which is shared freely by the instrument or vehicle terminal supplier.

1. RS232 serial interface integration is realized by a fuel consumption display. As shown in the figure below, the fuel consumption display can display the current fuel consumption data in real time, and can also forward the fuel consumption data of the vehicle to the GPS terminal through the RS232 interface. The fuel consumption data is sent to the monitoring center by the GPS terminal.

2. CAN bus interface integration is realized by a fuel consumption collector. The fuel consumption collector collects fuel consumption data in real time, and then broadcasts fuel consumption data to the CAN bus of the vehicle. Any instrument with CAN bus interface and access to CAN bus or wireless Fuel consumption data can be obtained from the vehicle terminal.

1. National invention patent

2, national measuring instrument certification, measurement accuracy level: 1.0

3. National explosion-proof certification

4. Tested by the National Automobile Quality Inspection Center, it has no effect on the engine fuel supply system, and the flow resistance is up to 1.5kPa.

5, in extreme cases (rotating piston stuck), almost no impact on engine power output

6, a wide range of applications, not limited by engine model and technical level

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