Container Tracking devices advtages

Automatic operation, improve the efficiency of all parties: the smart reservation distribution system of the suitcase is built on the special database and WEB service. Based on the customized development of the program script, the 24-hour suitcase reservation application and automatic box release can be realized, and all parties, especially the shipping company, can be comprehensively upgraded. Box pipe work efficiency

Customized and flexible, the boxing rules and system processes can be customized according to user requirements: - In addition to the standard boxing process, the box intelligent reservation distribution system can also be customized according to user needs, to achieve a variety of query conditions, Personalized development of boxing rules and manual intervention

Cost-saving, forming a win-win innovative business model: the suitcase intelligent appointment distribution system can save paper EIR and site rental costs for shipping companies, save express and order personnel costs for freight forwarders and fleets, and save labor costs for the yard. Whoever applies for the payment and the innovative business model of only one yuan per box truly achieves a win-win situation for all parties.

Convenient management, providing log query and report statistics function of the whole process: the smart reservation distribution system provides the WEB webpage auxiliary query function, which can provide the operation log of the full business process and the report statistics function of various screening conditions according to the user's requirements, thus facilitating each Business management of class users

Safe and reliable, providing emergency offline backup system and 7x24-hour technical support: E-EIR suitcase intelligent reservation distribution system and Yitongguan platform share Yitong 7x24-hour technical hotline, providing customers with uninterrupted technical support and fault feedback At the same time, the system is specially developed with an emergency offline backup system to greatly enhance the security and stability of the system.

Fifth, the system interface

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