fuel stick sensor

Measuring medium

Gas, liquid, oil, etc., compatible with the material of the contact part

Measurement form and range

Gauge pressure (G)---maximum (0-60) MPa, minimum (0-0.5) KPa

Absolute pressure (A)---maximum (0~60) MPa, minimum (0~5) KPa

Negative pressure (B)---(-100KPa~60)MPa, minimum (-0.2~0.2)KPa

Accuracy level

0.1, 0.25, 0.5

Overload capability

2 times the range

Long-term stability

Less than 0.25% FS/year, less than 0.5% FS/year

Power supply

15~36 VDC (calibration voltage 24VDC)

output signal

(4 to 20) mA (two/three-wire system), (0 to 10/20) mA (0 to 5) V, (1 to 5) V, (0 to 10) V

Operating temperature

-40~80°C Compensation temperature: -20~70 °C

Install radiator (optional)

Up to 120 ° C

Process connection

M20×1.5 external thread or user

Protection level


HQ316 port E port A port C port oil pressure sensor

Measurement form and range (specify range)

G, gauge pressure A, absolute pressure (0 ~ 60MPa) B, sealing pressure P, flat membrane type

Diaphragm material

K, diffused silicon (default) T, ceramic piezoresistive P, ceramic capacitor

E port

output signal

1, (0 ~ 5) VDC 2, two-wire system (4 ~ 20) mA (default) 3, (0 ~ 10) mA 4, other notes

A port


1, 0.1 2, 0.25 3, 0.5

C port

Process connection

1, external thread M20 × 1.5 (default) 2, external thread G1/2 3, external thread NPT1/2 4, other notes

R port


1, cable lead 2, Hessman interface 3, other user agreement

Detailed introduction of HQ316 oil pressure sensor The 316 series oil pressure sensor uses high-performance pressure sensitive chip, combined with advanced circuit processing and temperature compensation technology, to convert pressure changes into linear current or voltage signals. The product is small in size, easy to install, and is insulated by a stainless steel case. It is suitable for measuring gas and liquid media compatible with the material of the contact part. It can be used to measure gauge pressure, negative pressure and absolute pressure. Application: This product is widely used in water industry, oil refinery, sewage treatment plant, building materials, light industry, machinery and other industrial fields to achieve measurement of liquid, gas and vapor pressure.

HQ316 oil pressure sensor features: reverse polarity and current limiting protection; laser temperature regulation temperature compensation; programmable control; anti-vibration, anti-shock, anti-radio electromagnetic interference; overload and anti-interference ability, economical and practical stability.

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