fuel probe sensor

The oil level sensor is designed for use with fuel tanks or collectors. Each sensor to meet

The customer's specific requirements and structurally no moving parts, this product is a true solid state device.

Each fuel level sensor is designed to integrate electronics and customer-specified harnesses or integrated connectors and use full fuel immersion in the race

Sensor. A novel use of capacitive measurement technology combines a compact, lightweight, rugged design.

Make sure that the fuel level sensor is the first choice for F1 and many other sports car series.

Each series of sensors is fully user configurable, fine-tuned using our own simple software set level

Adapt to the precise requirements that are different. Sensors that can be used in competitions are a complete solution for the ultimate demand for motor sports.



Power supply voltage +6VDC to +24VDC

Power supply current <10mA @12V

Serial interface RS422 (internal)

Resolution 10 bit

Sampling rate 80Hz

Analog output

Voltage output range 0.25V - 4.75V sensing range

Or specified by the customer, fully configurable

Accuracy range Fuel depth ±0.5% @20?C


Wiring/connector customer specified wire or

Customers choose integrated or combined connectors

Wiring standard Normally 26 AWG (optional if required*

20 AWG)

Cable material compatibility There are two types of wiring sleeves.

Fluorocarbon or Raychem DR25,

Or custom specifications


Probe length 0 - 700mm (customer specified)

Installation Customer specified, various standard options

Weight 80g (depending on the design)


Protection level IP68

Operating temperature 0°C to 125°C

EMC immunity level SAE J1113/2 1996 Design Guidelines

Vibration 15g RMS (24-2000Hz) &

SAE J1455 Design Guidelines

Surface treatment Anode treatment DEF STAN 025


Compatible medium


Unleaded Gasoline (No. 95)

Low lead gasoline (No. 98)

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