Electronic Cargo Tracking

The intelligent electronic lock cargo tracking solution is based on the practical management problems such as the difficulty in tracking the in-transit cargo information, the inability of the owner to know the goods in transit, the safety of the goods, and the insufficiency of quality. The management is coordinated with the intelligent electronic lock through the Jiutong platform management system. With the help of modern technologies such as mobile internet technology and GPS positioning system, the driver's goods in transit information can be uploaded to the Jiutong platform system in real time. At the same time, the cargo owner APP can also query the in-transit cargo positioning information to improve the customer satisfaction of the third-party logistics. Enhance customer stickiness.

Intelligent electronic lock (smartlock) adopts the modern intelligent IoT technology RFID lock, which is a non-contact automatic identification technology. The cloud computing technology + IoT technology is effectively combined to make this lock an intelligent hardware product. Combined with the use of the Internet, the security and convenience of the intelligent electronic blockade have been greatly improved, and the man-made operation on the spot is simple. The digital ID number in the intelligent electronic blocking chip is globally unique, and can intelligently read and write data and communication conversion to realize computer management. The electronic lock of the transport vehicle realizes the automatic identification management from the origin of the transport to the destination, and the electronic lockout realizes the sealing and unblocking management of the cargo.

This program is designed to help third-party logistics companies, shippers or consignees to easily understand the real-time status of orders. Through the system operation, the mobile service information, process, positioning and operation time are generated and collected by the system, and the manual subjective record is not relied on, which ensures the authenticity of the data and makes the business process information no longer lag.

With the increasing speed of trade circulation, the business volume of third-party logistics companies has also increased. For small and medium-sized third-party logistics companies, the biggest dilemma is that they cannot meet the carrier's logistics information tracking requirements. Many companies can only adopt The most primitive approach - phone tracking. However, they are worried that the situation reported by the driver is not true. There is not enough evidence to assess the efficiency of the driver's work. At the same time, it is impossible to guarantee the operational efficiency. Moreover, it is necessary to combine mobile and Unicom across regions, and the project is too large and difficult to implement effectively.

Platform PC and APP work together

The Jiutong platform mobile version is divided into five operation rights (enterprise management, department management, handheld, locking, inspection, unlocking) according to different user operation scenarios. According to the operation scenario, set the corresponding operation authority, and the data view can be used to view the cargo tracking information query function by using the PC terminal, APP, and public number. According to the driver's GPS positioning system, real-time positioning, return receipt, task photos, and other information are tracked through the control system, and the business process information is no longer lagging.

Logistics enterprise: The logistics enterprise can view and manage the operation information uploaded by the driver in the electronic lock management function of the Jiutong platform management system. At the same time, the data can also be used as an important basis for the driver's work efficiency assessment, and make real for the future KPI report. Effective data reference role.

Shipper: The owner uses the Jiutong platform mobile version to view the logistics company's tracking information of the waybill. Guarantee the anti-counterfeiting, adulteration and other quality events affecting the brand and reputation.

Carrier: After the logistics company assigns the waybill to the carrier, the carrier carries out the dispatching and loading of the carrier's vehicle to the waybill. After the completion, the carrier will start the operation. At the same time, the Jiutong platform cooperates with the intelligent electronic lock to track the transportation information of its in-transit information on its waybill.

Jiutong platform cargo in-transit information tracking solution has a positive effect on logistics companies to improve service quality and improve customer satisfaction. It plays an important role in winning customers and gaining competitive advantage in the industry. At the same time, it will promote the transparent management of enterprises and the improvement of the cost and efficiency of transportation enterprises.

Intelligent electronic lock application value:

l Help to promote the tracking and verification of materials in transit

l Contribute to the supervision of loading and unloading of materials in transit

l Help to improve the informationization of enterprises in transit

l Helps to achieve effective control and transparent management of freight drivers

l Help to ensure the quality and safety of goods and enhance the brand effect

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