GPS trailer tracking

Function one: vibration anti-theft alarm----theft is silent, catching thieves invisible!

      If the vehicle is parked in the wilderness of the road, there is no need to worry about the safety of the vehicle. You can monitor and check it at any time with your mobile phone. If the vehicle is stolen or even towed away, you can also locate it. If the power cut-off function is installed, you can also use it. When the mobile phone is turned off remotely, the grandson who steals the car will be scared to abandon the car and escape!

      When the alarm occurs, the vehicle will not react. The thief will not have any awareness that the positioner has been alarmed to the owner. It is safer to use than any anti-theft device equipped with ordinary one-way, two-way visual, human body anti-theft alarm, etc. Ordinary wow wows the anti-theft system, the alarm sounds, and then the stupid thief will think of the host to find out and drop it along the horn. After it is removed, it will be the same as the disassembly. It is difficult to find it after driving away, etc. It is not a matter of a day or two for the police to monitor and monitor a camera. If the thief drives the car and then pays for the property and personnel damage, it is even more embarrassing for the owner to pay the bill!

Function 2: Positioning query, historical track

      You can use your computer or mobile phone to check the current location of your vehicle anytime, anywhere. You don’t have to worry about where your loved ones go by car. Even if you are kidnapped by a wicked person, you can grasp the trajectory of the vehicle and help the police to rescue the family. Whether it is local security or not, it is the most important. If a GPS locator is installed, the tragedy like rushing to kill a baby in Changchun should be avoided!

(Six kinds of positioning query methods, there is always one for you! Anytime, anywhere, car safety is in your hands!)

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