GPS Vehicle Tracker

The vehicle GPS positioning intelligent terminal is a vehicle-mounted intelligent terminal product independently developed for passenger transportation, logistics, vehicle rental, personal vehicle management and other applications. The terminal combines GPRS wireless communication and GPS positioning technology, and will real-time monitoring, production operation management and command. Functions such as scheduling are organically integrated. Cooperate with Mini361 network management platform. The products are designed according to industrial standards, using industrial grade components, and adopting the best receiving 25*25 GPS receiving antenna in the industry, which can adapt to the monitoring and use of various types of vehicles in harsh environments. This price includes platform service for one year.

feature of product:

● Combined with GPS/GSM/GPRS wireless network operation

● Compact, ultra-thin, easy to install

● High-sensitivity GPS chipset (SiRF Star III)

● Smart start GPS positioning

● Press the power button freely, it will work when powered on.

● Built-in monitoring CPU to automatically troubleshoot

● Built-in switching power supply, wide voltage input range

● Receive instructions and get location information through SMS

● Password setting, safer to use

● Choice of hidden or open installation

● Optional car cigarette lighter power supply or car, battery power supply

● More convenient management through the security guard positioning service platform


● GSM: 900/1800MHz

● GPRS: Class12, TCP/IP build in GSM Module

● GPS Module: SiRF Star III/LP

● Number of channels: 20 channels

● Tracking sensitivity: -159dBm

● Capture sensitivity: -144dBm

● Positioning time: Hot start: <2sec (Open Sky)

             Warm start: <15 sec

             Cold start: <38 sec (Open Sky)

● Built-in antenna: GSM antenna, GPS high-sensitivity 360-degree omnidirectional antenna

● LED indicator: 3 LED status display: GPS-blue, GSM-green, Power-red

● Power input: 7~28VDC

● Appearance size: 90.0 (L) X 45.0 (W) X 12.0 (H) mm

● Weight: 45g

● Application environment: working temperature: -25 ° C to +70 ° C

● Working humidity: 5% to 95% does not solidify

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