Trailer GPS Tracker

GPS vehicle positioning monitoring system is a GPS positioning terminal equipped with GPS global satellite positioning technology and GSM (GPRS) wireless data communication technology. It can determine the position information of the vehicle in real time, including: latitude and longitude, speed, direction, The car has a motive state, a door switch state, and the like. Through the GSM/GPRS network of the vehicle wireless data communication system, the positioning information of the vehicle is transmitted to the command and control center and displayed on the electronic map. Through the above manner, the monitoring function of the vehicle is completed.

The service objects of the system can be: transportation vehicles, rental vehicles, public transportation vehicles, fire fighting vehicles, emergency vehicles, border vehicles, money-carrying vehicles, dangerous goods vehicles, emergency command vehicles, VIP fleets, private vehicles and car rentals.

1. Principle of GPS/GSM/GPRS vehicle monitoring system 1. The operating basis of this system includes: Global Positioning System (GPS), Mobile Communication System (GSM), Geographic Information System (GIS), Communication and Database Management System.

2. Terminal equipment type

3. Vehicle management function

The installation vehicle can be managed, including license plate, driver, color, age and other data for registration management.

4. Vehicle location tracking function:

The GPS car positioning tracking terminal can periodically return the position information and the vehicle state information to the monitoring center (uploading a positioning data point in 15 seconds). The position of the car and the state of the car (speed, time, engine status, etc.) can be tracked at any time.

5, the car line track playback system will save the historical travel record for three months (long can be 12 months, can be customized according to customer requirements), the administrator or user can check the travel record and line trajectory of the vehicle at any time. 6, remote control of the car's oil / circuit (use with caution) users can control the car's oil / circuit through SMS and GIS system management platform, the vehicle speed is less than 20 km / h to cut off or open the oil circuit / circuit, or let stop The car can't catch fire. 7. The image monitoring function is equipped with a camera. You can check the situation inside the car at any time, take photos and upload it to the network. The camera has infrared sensor, which can monitor the situation in the car 24 hours a day. . 8, call / monitor function can be equipped with MIC and SPEAKER, the monitoring center can monitor the sound inside the car, you can talk to the people inside the car. 9. Alarm function: Ø In case of emergency, emergency alarm is realized by one button

Ø Designed with overspeed alarm function, when the vehicle speed exceeds the set value, it will report the speed position and speed through SMS and network.

Ø Regional cross-border alarm function, when the vehicle exceeds the set range, it will automatically alarm and prompt the user via SMS and network.

10. Mileage statistics:

Detailed statistics of the mileage traveled by the vehicle can be divided into vehicles and mileage traveled by time.

11, parking time statistics and parking address query

Parking time statistics and parking map queries can be made according to the time period of the vehicle selected by the customer.

12, report statistics function (text report)

Can count alarm messages and detailed statistics of overspeed conditions during vehicle travel

13. The oil quantity detection function can detect the change of automobile oil quantity. With the intuitive graph, you can clearly see the fueling time, location and oil quantity, and the abnormal oil quantity time.

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