Asset Tracking characteristics

The whole system has the characteristics of rapid identification, high reliability, high confidentiality, easy operation and easy expansion. The asset identification system can operate independently and does not depend on other systems.

Establish safe and reliable registered asset files, strengthen asset supervision through high technology, rationally allocate resources, reduce waste of resources, and prevent asset loss. It can effectively and accurately identify, collect, record and track the data of assets entering and leaving the base station (library) (assets with electronic tags) to ensure the rational use of assets.

 Fully consider the actual situation of the communication company, study the problem from the perspective of professional technology, and effectively solve the problem of chaotic disorder and real-time performance in asset management. It provides an advanced, reliable and applicable digital platform for automatic identification and intelligent management of incoming and outgoing assets, which enables telecom operators to improve the ability of real-time dynamic management of internal assets.

Make full use of RFID automatic acquisition and GPRS wireless remote transmission function to realize real-time consistency of asset change information and system information, and use SMS alarm reminder function to organically integrate daily work with IT system to achieve work by background system. The process is effectively monitored and recorded in real time, so that managers can know the allocation and use of assets in the office.

 All asset data is input at one time. The system automatically judges the asset status (add, transfer, idle, scrap, etc.) according to the data collected by different base stations and regional RFID readers. The end user can pass the visual GIS operation interface anytime, anywhere. IE browser performs statistics and query of asset data.

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