liquid level sensor

The main features of the photoelectric liquid level sensor are: M12 temperature range up to -40 ° C ~ 125 ° C, ultra low power consumption, fast response, ± 1mm detection accuracy, oil and water resistant and corrosion resistant

Photoelectric level sensor technical parameters:

Product features: oil and water resistant, overvoltage / short circuit protection

Product application: water level detection, liquid level detection

Power supply voltage: 10 ~ 24VDC

Output current: ≦200mA

Working temperature: -40 ~ 125 ° C

Working pressure: ≦ 1MPa

Current consumption: <12mA

Shell material: polysulfone

Cable outlet: 2m, PVC

Mounting thread: G3/8〞 (3/8〞PF)

Output signal: NPN, PNP optional

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