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Today's society, thieves are rampant, burglary is a common occurrence, so it is very important to choose a good door lock, electronic door lock is actually a good choice. The electronic code lock is an electronic product that controls the circuit or the chip by password input, thereby controlling the closing of the mechanical switch and completing the task of unlocking and locking. What are the advantages and disadvantages of electronic door locks? Is the electronic door lock safe? If you have doubts about this, then let's take a look at the small network.

First, what are the advantages of electronic door locks?

1, well-made

What are the advantages of electronic door locks?

The key parts of the electronic lock are made of stainless steel and copper. They are molded or molded, durable and feel good. All surface treatments are made of advanced technology, elegant and gorgeous, and not easy to wear.

2, good confidentiality

What are the advantages and disadvantages of electronic door locks?

The recent smart lock is different from the previous method of “turn on and scan again”. The scanning method is very simple. You can place your finger on the top of the scan and scan from top to bottom without pressing your finger on the scan. It also reduces fingerprint residue, greatly reduces the possibility of fingerprint being copied, and is safe and exclusive. It is very useful to manage user rights for users. Users can freely authorize and allow certain people to enter. This feature is useful for users who have a babysitter or tenant at home. When the nanny or tenant moves away, they can delete their fingerprints instantly, so they can't open the door without the right to use them. Conversely, if there are new nannies and tenants, they can enter their fingerprints at any time so that they can open the door freely. The benefit of this feature is that you don't have to worry about the babysitter or tenant copying the keys and reducing the insecurity at home.

3, the appearance is novel

What are the disadvantages of electronic door locks?

Traditional mechanical locks have no special concern about its appearance. Smart locks are not only designed to suit people's tastes, but even create smart locks like Apple's smart feeling. Intelligent locks have been quietly listed. The electronic door lock is a classic design, adapting to different architectural styles, beautiful and generous, with very good decorative performance.

4, full-featured

The electronic lock has dual functions of key and mechanical key. In general, the key function is used, and the mechanical key can be used in an emergency. A variety of key management, different people use the key, effectively improve the door lock management function.

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