GPs Security Intelligent Electronic Lock

Features of GPs Security Intelligent Electronic Lock:

1. Built-in GPS module, GPRS module, active UHF electronic tag.

2, the use of foreign U-BLOX GPS module chip, can accurately locate the vehicle, accuracy <10 meters.

3. The high-strength plastic mold is used, the lock body is not easy to be destroyed, and the alarm signal will be provided after passive destruction, which can prevent falling, shockproof, waterproof and dustproof.

4, high-capacity battery, up to 6200MHA, at least 120 hours working time

5. The GPRS communication mode terminal automatically enters the GPS positioning mode after each power-on, using TCP/IP and UDP protocols.

6. The administrator can remotely set the electronic lock when the lock is on.

7. Positioning information to locate vehicle instant information. It is also possible to set a time in the supervisory mode to return a positioning message until the supervision mode is turned off.

8. If the electronic key is not in power or the SIM card has no signal, etc., it can be opened with a key. The key authorization can be authorized by the monitoring center according to the actual situation.

9. The monitoring alarm is based on the alarm range, timeout and route set in advance.

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