What are the car navigation functions

What are the car navigation functions? what is the benefit?

With the popularity of automobiles and the construction of roads, inter-city economic exchanges are more frequent. It is very important to have a good car GPS navigator. However, many car owners do not know enough about car navigation systems, and some car owners will ask car navigation. How to use the instrument? What are the car navigation functions? The author will introduce the common functions of the car navigation system and how to use the car navigation system.

1. You can search for the destination location you want to go to on the operator terminal. You can record the location of places you often go, and keep them, and you can share them with others. Obscured information about your attachments or nearby locations such as gas stations, hotels, cash machines, etc.

1. Voice navigation:

Use voice to provide the driver with road directions, navigation system status and other driving information in advance, just like a guide who knows how to drive to the destination. One of the most important features in navigation, so you don't have to watch the operator terminal, you can safely reach your destination with voice prompts.

2. Screen navigation:

On the operation terminal, the map will be displayed, as well as the current location of the car, the speed of the journey, the distance of the destination, the planned route prompt, and the driving information of the roadway turning to the prompt.

3. Re-planning the line:

When you are not on the planned route or you are on the wrong intersection, the GPS navigation system will re-plan a new route to your destination based on your current location.

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