GPS car monitoring function detail

GPS car monitoring function details:

1. The terminal has a stable shape and is easy to install;

2. The normal working voltage range is wide, **60V;

3. Quad-band GPRS module, globally available;

4. GPS positioning accuracy is high, speed is fast, dynamic positioning deviation is less than 5 meters;

5. Support **S and voice function under G**, UDP/TCP protocol communication under GPRS status;

6. Support GPS data timing upload (2 ~ 65535 seconds);

7. Support voice call and voice hands-free function;

8. Support mobile phone ** parameter settings, ** alarm, ** query location;

9. Support base station positioning (when GPS is not positioned);

10. Support sending and receiving scheduling**, ** voice reading function;

11. Support authorized remote monitoring and listening functions;

12. Compatible with the original car alarm, fortification and disarming;

13. Support rolling code remote control for arming, disarming, remote control to start SOS, remote control to open the tail box, safe and stable;

14. Support blind zone retransmission function, which can store 17,000 track data;

15. Support remote lock function;

16. Support remote open central control lock, drop central locking;

17. Support SOS emergency alarm function;

18. Support power failure alarm function;

19. Support high pressure alarm and under voltage alarm function;

20. Support overspeed alarm function;

21. Support parking alarm function;

22. Support illegal opening of the door and illegal activation of the alarm function;

23. Support in and out of regional alarms;

24. Support fatigue driving alarms;

25. Support vibration alarm, trailer alarm;

26. Support Chinese address resolution function;

27. Support mileage statistics, including tunnel mileage compensation;

28. Support a serial peripheral: camera;

29. Support TTS voice broadcast function, automatic broadcast overspeed alarm, ** dispatch voice broadcast function

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