Glossary of GPS navigation system

Glossary of GPS navigation system

The GPS system was originally built for military purposes and later developed into civilian use. The GPS navigation system is a radio navigation and positioning system that provides information such as three-dimensional position and three-dimensional speed to the driver through an artificial satellite.

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2GPS system components

The GPS navigation system is a radio navigation and positioning system that provides three-dimensional position, three-dimensional speed and other information around the world based on 24 positioning satellites around the world. It consists of three parts, one is the ground control part, which consists of the main control station, the ground antenna, the overload station and the communication assistant system. The second is the space part, which consists of 24 satellites and is distributed in 6 orbital planes. The third is the user equipment part, which consists of a GPS receiver and a satellite antenna. Now the positioning accuracy of civilian use can reach within 10 meters.

3GPS navigation system is based on 24 global positioning satellites

The general vehicle autonomous navigation system has the following functions:

● Navigation function: The driver selects the starting point and the ending point of the driving route on the car GPS navigation system, and the navigation system provides the optimal driving route according to the current position and traffic conditions.

●Electronic maps: Cover all major cities and local road information in the country, and even traffic in the destination city at any time.

● Turn to voice prompt function: If you encounter an intersection or turn in front, the system will remind the driver in advance by voice.

● Status function: GPS receives the satellite signal and accurately determines its location, with an error of less than 10 meters.

●Safety reminder function: Built-in road safety attribute information (such as traffic lights, super/speed limit sections, accident danger zones, etc.), the navigator promptly reminds the driver of the road section safety attribute information in the form of voice and chart to avoid violating traffic rules. Effectively prevent traffic accidents.

● Display track: Record the route that the vehicle has traveled in an effective and real-time manner.

●Anti-theft function: static anti-theft and dynamic tracking. The former anti-theft means that the owner leaves the car. When the parked vehicle is stolen, destroyed or moved, the vehicle sends an alarm to the GPS monitoring center through its own monitoring system, and automatically communicates with the owner's mobile phone. Contact, telephone alarm, etc. Dynamic tracking means that the stolen vehicles in operation can be tracked, monitored, tracked, and even controlled for power outages and fuel cuts.

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