Why do we install a container monitoring system?

Why install a container monitoring system?

The container terminal is the hub of water and land transportation. It is the buffering place for container cargo when it is converted and transported. It is also the junction of cargo and plays an important role in the whole container transportation process. Trailers are the main tools for container terminal transportation, and their operation and maintenance are an important part of terminal operation and management. However, due to the large number of large steel machinery in the dock, the high stacking of steel containers (up to 20 meters in height) and the wide sea water surface beside the docks, it has brought great difficulties to the dispatching and management of the trailers.

In response to this problem, the car dual-SD card video drive recorder H3318A-L independently developed by Hongdian Co., Ltd. was installed on the trailer and mobile equipment in the terminal, and the positioning data was transmitted to the customer's own vehicle monitoring system management platform according to the format. The use of satellite positioning technology, video surveillance technology, and wireless communication technology and other high-tech means to achieve comprehensive monitoring and security management of trailers and other mobile devices in Yantian Port.

Project implementation

The whole system collects GPS data and video data from Hongdian H3318A-L. According to the specific data format requirements of the customer's vehicle monitoring system management platform, the data is transmitted to the system management center through the dedicated wireless communication network in the port area.

The system administrator controls the location information and driving trajectory of the vehicle in real time, and implements the video to view the environment around the vehicle to uniformly plan and manage the vehicles in the port area.

When the vehicle violates the rules or stops driving, the system can trigger an alarm. After the monitoring personnel receives the alarm, the position of the vehicle can be found through positioning and real-time video. The intercom can communicate with the driver in real time to know the scene in time and can query the video. Provide evidence for emergencies.

Project value

The system realizes unified management and monitoring of more than 600 port trailers and other mobile vehicles, improving the efficiency of the vehicle. Under the special security environment requirements of the port area, the supervisors can standardize the management and unified dispatch of the vehicles, respond to various emergencies in the first time, improve the safety factor of the work in the port area, and ensure the personal safety of the staff in the port area. .

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