GPS fuel consumption monitoring system

GPS fuel consumption monitoring system. Vehicle positioning, fuel consumption monitoring, video camera integrated oil butler.

Oil Manager Features Description:

1. Fuel consumption management: real-time monitoring of oil quantity, curve and data report reaction fuel consumption, time/fuel consumption curve, fueling report, oil spill report, daily fuel consumption report, monthly fuel consumption report, rational oil consumption, etc.

2. Positioning management: locate the specific location, driving direction and driving speed of the vehicle--effective scheduling to ensure timely delivery of goods to the destination

3. Mileage statistics: According to the needs, you can read the travel of the controlled vehicle within 180 days, the effective analysis of the track record, and assign the dispatch vehicle.

4. Real-time monitoring: Effectively supervise the vehicle's driving route, speed, parking location, time, video and camera environment. The vehicle environment can be directly seen at home - the private use of the bus and the pulling of the private goods can be controlled.

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