Car locator antenna built-in and external difference, advantages and disadvantages

Car locator antenna built-in and external difference, advantages and disadvantages

The role of the GPS receiving antenna is to convert the electromagnetic wave energy of the radio signal emitted by the satellite into the current that the receiver electronics can ingest. Therefore, the size and shape of the GPS antennas are important, and they determine the ability of the antenna to acquire weak GPS signals and the stability of satellite signal reception.

Car locator antenna built-in and external difference, advantages and disadvantages

Common GPS locator antenna types are built-in and external. Which one is better?

The antenna is built-in and external, and is well understood in appearance. The built-in GPS antenna is the antenna inside the device, and the device and the antenna are integrated. The external antenna of the GPS antenna has an external GPS signal antenna. The device and the antenna are separated. The positioner consists of a host, a signal line and a power line.

So, apart from the difference in appearance, what is the difference in performance between the two?

1, GPS antenna built-in type

In general, the built-in type of the GPS antenna is smaller in appearance than the external type.

Advantages: It is simple and convenient to use, no need to connect to the power supply.

Disadvantages: The working radius is 5-10km.

2, GPS antenna external type

The external coverage of the GPS antenna is wider than that of the built-in type.

Advantages: The working radius can reach more than ten kilometers and is stable.

Disadvantages: It is very expensive, so you usually need a built-in power supply.

Is the car GPS locator antenna built-in or external?

As we all know, the role of the car GPS locator is to locate! Therefore, the positioning accuracy of the equipment is very important. Does it mean that which type of antenna has high positioning accuracy?

That's right, if the positioning accuracy is single, it is naturally which positioning is better. However, we must know that the positioning accuracy of the car GPS positioner is not only determined by the built-in externality of the antenna. The placement mode, assembly position and internal workmanship of the device will affect the effect of the GPS receiver receiving satellite signals. Moreover, whether the locator is good or not depends on the positioning accuracy to determine the good or bad. The locator's positioning mode, alarm function, anti-detection capability, battery storage capacity, work quality, check platform, etc. are also determined by GPS positioning. Many factors of good or bad. Therefore, it is the key to choose a big-name, quality-assured GPS manufacturer.

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