car GPS locator

In order to use the car GPS locator normally, you must first install a SIM card that can be used normally in the device. So, what kind of SIM card can be used in the device?

What are the requirements of the GPS locator for the SIM card?

1. The communication mode of gps devices is mostly GSM, and only SIM cards of mobile or Unicom can be used; telecommunication adopts CDMA network system, which is incompatible with GSM network system. All SIM cards in the Bosch GPS Locator can only use mobile and Unicom cards, and only some customized devices can use telecom cards.

2, SIM card needs to open gprs Internet access and SMS function.

The Internet function is mainly used to return data, so that users can view vehicle information on the mobile phone or computer. (Recommended to use the monthly package of traffic, generally 30m flow is enough for one month.)

The SMS function is used for device configuration or timing.

The call function may not be activated.

3. It is used for the telephone card in the equipment. Because the vehicles are generally running all over the country, there is no roaming fee and long-distance fee, which can be used all over the country. In addition, business offices across the country can recharge, recharge methods, and recharge the same as ordinary phone cards.

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