Experience-sharing of “Mobile Assets Monitoring” on Gurtam Telematics 2018

What is “Telamatics 2018”?

Accordingto the official description, it is a Annual Gurtam Partner Conference tookplace on August 14-17, 2018 in Minsk.

Theparticipants will enjoy the reports by Wialon and flespi experts and share bestpractices within work groups and training sessions for sales and marketing.

Upon the official invitation from Gurtam HQ (Minsk), Jointech accepted thisinvitation and participated in “Telematics 2018” held by Gurtam in BeijingHotel Minsk from August 16th to August 17th 2018. As a GPS and Intelligent E-lock solution supplier for mobile assetsmonitoring, Jointech aims to expand its global market. From this globalperspective, Jointech prepared two keynote speeches for potentialclients and old clients using Wialon.

Let’sfind out what happened on that two days.

Day ONE--IntelligentGPS E-locks

Thekeynote speech was vividly delivered by Mr Gavin Deng (also named “ZhonghaiDeng”) from Jointech. And it was live streamed on youtube .

Multiplenew projects and wide applications were introduced by him, such as

*Customs supervision,

*High-value cargo transportation,

*city distribution,

*Temperature sensitive cargo


Jointech walked through allthe projects and applications he mentioned above. And we are expecting to startnew projects and applications with your participation.

Themoment his speech finished on the stage, countless Wialon users circled Jointech’sstand to inquire more information about Intelligent E-locks for their ownprojects. And we almost surrendered to this large flow of clients. Let’s see somepictures from the scene.

DayTWO----- Jointech Session

AsGurtam’s authorized hardware partners, we are one of the most importanthardware suppliers invited to give a second speech in Gurtam HQ conferenceroom.

And itwas Mr Gavin Deng who gave his keynote speech introducing Jointech’s hardwaresolutions in detail.

Andonce again, Jointech’s solutions attracted their attentions, with phonerecording or shooting pictures or videos to review. They just wanted to seizethe opportunity shared by Jointech.

    Duringthe session, JT700 series products were introduced,covering IntelligentE-locks: JT701,JT702,JT705,JT707 and Container Trackers:JT704 and JT706.  

Andthe curiosity drives guests in Gurtam and beyond to ask some questions they areinterested to, such as “4G hardware solutions for JT701 and battery life fordisposable e-seal tracker JT707” and so on.

After our speech,some users could not waitany longer to exchange ideas for their own GPS tracking projects. And some ofthem even bought a sample on the spot.

Besides, Gurtam also authorize Jointech as Gurtamtechnology partner certificate on August 14th,2018.

“This is to certify that “Shenzhen JointTechnology co.ltd” is the manufacturer of hardware devices compatible withWialon system. We appreciate your contribution to the market and telematicscommunity development.”

Jointech never stops its pace to try to start new projects andapplications suitable for our clients. Through this Minsk visit, Jointech’sbrand recognition starts from Minsk and beyond.

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