How to find the GPS tracker that was stolen in the car?

How to find the GPS tracker that was stolen in the car? Don't worry, you will understand after reading it.

Now the GPS tracker is very popular, you can check the position of the car at any time, whether it is anti-theft or management, but if a third party, such as a thief, competitor, Xiaosan, etc. secretly installed a GPS tracker on his car, then It is very annoying. If you really find a GPS tracker installed by someone else in your car, how do you anti-track and detect who is it?

Not long ago, a friend of mine found a gps tracker in the car. It has a sim card installed. It has no power. When it is found, the indicator light is not lit. It seems to be dormant or not working. It is also possible. It was turned off. In this case, how to check the data of the tracker is sent to where?

The first thing to do is to start with the tracker itself. First find out what brand of GPS tracker is, how to check it, I don't need to teach it, the simplest is to search for a search on a certain treasure according to some signs on the tracker, the corresponding look, you can easily find out What brand is it.

Just enter the "GPS Tracker" on a treasure, the web page immediately flashes hundreds of product information, all kinds of car trackers have everything. For us, these products will have a major impact on daily life. It is important to choose a good gps product. Let's take a look!

High precision, all weather, high efficiency, versatility, easy operation and wide application. The product is beautiful and generous, does not enter the water, remote precise control, only voice prompt navigation, accurate measurement saves time and effort is also particularly cheap, can be said to be an outdoor essential artifact.

Yili high-precision GPS measuring acre land area measurement ¥140.00 Buy

Automatic identification of terrain, complex terrain-specific products, measuring farmland land hillside forest area is no longer laborious, automatically calculate area and amount, as well as live voice broadcast, real-time graphics display is very realistic, support computer data export.

Yili Outdoor handheld GPS locator latitude and longitude ¥398.00 Buy

The data transmission is accurate and fast, and the used people are good at saying that it saves time and effort to measure the farmland land area and has a face. It takes a circle around the ground and can be measured at home. It is suitable for various agricultural machinery. Use, automatically calculate the area and amount, live voice broadcast, while walking out of the graphics

Yili S5 voice broadcast acre measurement instrument high precision GPS ¥269.00 Buy

Measuring the current position latitude and longitude and altitude is easy to handle, and can also measure other various accurate data, suitable for navigation, field survey, communication positioning, etc., real-time terrain display, coordinate navigation, data export, large capacity lithium battery, long Time is used continuously.

Easy S7 satellite navigation outdoor handheld GPS latitude and longitude ¥698.00 Buy

Various levels of geodetic survey, control measurement, also support computer data export and import backup, with flashlight counterfeit light and other functions, large capacity lithium battery long standby, long use time, so that you can do it accurately without leaving home Measurement, very attentive product.

Yili S5pro Harvester GPS Surveyer ¥399.00 Buy

The earth control network is arranged by the GPS method, and because of its high graphic intensity coefficient, the point approaching speed can be effectively improved. The mesh shape optimization is convenient, it can be said that it is the best land measurement product on the market at present, and can automatically calculate the area and amount, with track graphic display, large capacity lithium battery, long use time

Yili A5 high precision GPS acre measurement land area ¥158.00 purchase

The GPS grid has high precision and uniform error distribution, which not only meets the requirements of the specification, but also has a large precision reserve. It’s not a place to take it out, and it won’t fade and it won’t break. It’s a good quality product.

Yili S6pro high precision GPS measuring instrument handheld ¥659.00 Buy

Using GPS technology to set up the grid, it is more adaptable than the conventional method, and it will be used for a long time. The anti-drop will not cause the instrument to be damaged and damaged. The anti-skid pattern has the function of large buttons and large fonts. Simple and practical operation can be said to be super cost-effective.

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