Smart Door Lock Ten Questions and Answers Do you know these technologies?

Smart Door Lock Ten Questions and Answers Do you know these technologies?

First, how is the budget for smart locks determined?

Judging from the feedback from the current market, imported smart locks are generally at a price above 3,000 yuan, while domestic smart locks are usually priced at 2,000 yuan due to their focus on cost performance. The domestic smart lock function is relatively complete, and the types are also very large; the imported smart locks have fewer brands, and there will be unacceptable conditions.

Anyone wants to buy a smarter and safer smart lock, so I think if you are financially allowed, consider buying between the imported smart locks at the price of about 3,000 yuan. If you feel that the budget for smart locks is insufficient, you should also set a budget. At around 2,000 yuan, there are many smart locks in this price segment, and there is a lot of room for choice.

But how to reduce the budget, I do not recommend smart locks of five or six hundred dollars online, let alone the quality of such locks. It is more difficult to guarantee from the after-sales alone. However, with the development of time, the future smart lock may also fall to this price segment, but it will take a long time.

Second, the smart lock needs to be installed after purchase?

Unlike ordinary mechanical lock cylinders, smart locks are relatively professional to install, and sometimes have to drill holes in the door. If the disassembly is not professional, it can't be locked. If it is not closed, it needs to be changed. According to statistics, there are roughly 2,000 models of domestic door locks in more than 400 models. The wide variety of doors makes it almost inevitable to make changes to the door when installing the smart lock.

Fortunately, most smart locks are packaged at the sales level. These smart lock manufacturers will contact professionals to install smart locks and door changes. You may know the opening and thickness of your door. In other cases, it is enough to hand over the task of installing a smart lock to a professional.

However, it is necessary to verify in time that the door lock and the door body are installed tightly after installation, whether the door handle is loose, whether the door lock key, fingerprint, etc. can be opened smoothly. Otherwise, it will be very troublesome to wait for the installation master to go through the problem.

Third, what is the security of smart locks?

Many people think that "the money is not white", there is always a kind of "no silver three hundred two here" installed on the door of the door. So many people care about the security of smart locks. Is fingerprint identification safe and unsafe?

Most of the cases of burglary are now based on technical unlocking, while most smart locks have anti-mite unlocking, and the mechanical lock core also has a very high ability to prevent technology from unlocking. So smart locks with no problems in quality and design are safer than traditional mechanical locks.

Burglary is mainly based on technology unlocking

On the other hand, technology unlocking is to hide people's eyes and ears, so in the face of technical unlocking, thieves will step on the spot in advance. If the target is found to be dangerous, it will be directly excluded, so although there is no absolute safety, as long as the smart lock of their own is better than others' Safety, then it is safe.

As for the security of fingerprints, you don't really have to worry about it. In the science fiction movie, fingerprint acquisition on the water cup is almost impossible in reality. When purchasing a smart lock, more attention should be paid to how the manufacturer can solve the problem of the anti-smashing ability, anti-technical opening ability and durability of the lock.

Fourth, what power supply mode does the smart lock use?

Smart locks, like mobile phones, can't work without electricity. At present, the smart locks on the market are mostly powered by the AA dry battery of No. 5, and a few smart locks are powered by rechargeable batteries. However, the smart locks using rechargeable batteries are relatively embarrassing when charging, and it is necessary to introduce a separate line when there is no power. Charging.

For most of today's smart locks, the battery life of the 5th battery can generally reach a battery life of about one year. If the number of switching gates is reduced, this time will be longer. As for the life of the smart battery powered by the rechargeable battery. Not the same, but these smart locks will alert you when the battery is low.

Even if the battery is not replaced in time, the smart lock can use the mechanical key to open the door, or can be temporarily powered by the charging treasure / 9V square battery.

Five, smart locks will only be equipped with fingerprint and password two ways to open the door?

The popularity of fingerprint recognition has made the public highly aware of the security and convenience of fingerprint recognition. For smart locks, it is also the best time to use fingerprint recognition as the main identification method: the password is slightly complicated and the face recognition The technology is immature and other recognition methods are not well recognized.

However, since the fingerprint image of a person is immutable throughout life and there are fingerprints everywhere, fingerprint recognition is not very safe, although it is convenient. This is why the smart lock uses fingerprint and password authentication methods.

This method is not suitable for all people. For example, some old people's fingerprints are not obvious, the fingerprint head can't be read normally, and the password can't be remembered. This kind of scene is also very common in children. Therefore, similar to the proximity of the proximity card, Bluetooth, etc., it appears on the smart lock, and consumers can purchase it as needed.

Sixth, smart lock fingerprint recognition which is better?

There are two main types of fingerprint recognition methods on the market: optical fingerprint recognition and capacitive (semiconductor) fingerprint recognition. These two types of fingerprint recognition work differently and have different characteristics. The recognition accuracy is similar, but the capacitive fingerprint head can directly read the image of the inner dermis layer of the skin, and the volume is smaller, which becomes the choice of smart phones and most smart locks.

However, compared with capacitive fingerprint recognition, optical fingerprint recognition can read fingerprints with a wider age range and better durability, but it is larger than capacitive fingerprint recognition, and lacks anti-fingerprint biofilm. Testing, consumers can choose according to the composition of family members.

Seven, what should I pay attention to when purchasing smart locks?


Smart locks As a lock, safety is the number one priority. The safety of smart locks follows the barrel law, and the security depends on the weakest link. Many smart locks have a lot of products. It is necessary to give priority to the manufacturers and products with excellent quality. We must choose products with high after-sales evaluation.

Functionally, it should be as few as possible to satisfy the requirements. If there are too many functions, the vulnerability will increase. Applicability is relatively large compared to the region. For example, smart locks for outdoor use should be waterproof, and smart locks used in the north should pay attention to winter freeze protection. As for the appearance of smart locks, it can only be said to be a matter of opinion, but I believe that most of the smart locks are quite beautiful.

Eight, the faster the fingerprint recognition speed, the better?

From the experience, the faster the better, but on the smart lock, the fast recognition speed means that the smart lock will definitely have other trade-offs, such as software and hardware optimization, power consumption and so on.

This includes the feature quantity read by the fingerprint head. The lower the feature quantity, the faster the reading speed, but the security is also reduced. Some smart locks consume a lot of power in order to increase speed when analyzing fingerprint data. This depends on the degree of optimization of the fingerprint recognition algorithm by the MCU inside the smart lock.

From the experience point of view, the recognition speed of fingerprint recognition on mobile phones is usually about 0.3 seconds, and the smart lock can be appropriately relaxed, but the recognition speed exceeds two seconds, which will obviously affect the experience. Therefore, the recognition time should not exceed two seconds.

9. How to choose the material of the smart lock?

The material of the smart lock is actually better. The surface material of the smart lock is usually composed of zinc alloy, copper alloy, aluminum alloy, stainless steel and iron. Among them, zinc alloy is the most common at present, and it is also one of the biggest quality gaps, and the price is in the middle. The two extremes of aluminum alloy are either cheap or expensive, cheaper and less expensive.

The smart lock of copper alloy material is the best, but the price is also the most expensive. I think that if there are conditions, it is best to buy a smart lock of copper alloy. Stainless steel is popular in the market for its corrosion resistance and anti-cracking ability, but the appearance is difficult to enrich it is a weak item. Iron is basically low-end locks.

We can also pay attention to the surface treatment process, do a good job, the general material will not be bad. The surface treatment pays attention to two points. First, the appearance is flawless, the foaming, the coating peeling off, etc. are all defects. Second, when the anti-light is observed, the angle of the forty-fifth angle is opposite to the light, and there is an anti-light that moves back and forth if the line is Straight or straight, the problem is not big, very messy, then there are more problems.

Ten, buy smart lock online or buy a physical store?

Nowadays, domestic e-commerce and express delivery are developing rapidly. Many people are hesitant to buy smart locks online. After all, there are more and more news about buying computers in physical stores, and buying smart locks online is a bit unreliable. Often they are in a dilemma.

In fact, the most fundamental reason for this problem is the after-sales problem. If there is a general agent or after-sales of the corresponding brand near the home, then the difference between buying online and buying in a physical store is not big. If you do not find a smart lock after-sales or agent near your home, then you should consult the store on the Internet for after-sales.

There are after-sales, it does not matter online and offline purchase; there is no after-sales or what is the national 200 cities, what thousands of after-sales service outlets, this part must be considered, after-sales is likely to be outsourced, this is currently The mainstream way of electricity after-sales service is not easy to install, but after-sales maintenance will be really troublesome and cannot be delivered to the door in time.

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