fuel stick sensor

Now the oil level sensor used in the fuel tank has the same structure. The same principle: the structure of the sliding resistor uses different resistance values to reflect the amount of oil in the fuel tank.

Security is no problem

1, various vehicle fuel tank oil level detection; 2, industrial various liquid testing. 3, engineering machinery fuel tank oil quantity detection; 4, generator set fuel consumption test; 5, tanker fuel quantity detection.

Automotive oil level sensor (also called oil level sensor or water level sensor)

First, the scope of use:

Second, product features:

1, high detection accuracy, easy to install, can adjust the length on site;

Car oil level sensor (2 photos)

2, corrosion resistance, wear resistance;

3, non-contact measurement, safe and reliable;

4, good seismic performance, impact resistance;

5, long service life;

6, multiple signal output;

7, support on-site adjustment and remote configuration parameters.

Third, technical parameters

Range: can be customized according to the user's tank height dimension;

Signal output form: resistance output (resistance range can be customized), voltage output (0-5V), current output: 4-20mA.

Voltage range: DC5V-24V;

Detection accuracy: minimum changeable oil level change of 3mm;

Supporting instruments: pointer meter, digital meter, light column display instrument;

Overall structure: column type

Installation method: top-mounted

The second sensor can be used with the fuel consumption recorder, GPS, and drive recorder! ! !

working principle:

The magnetic field generated by the ferrite magnet is used to control the on/off principle of the reed switch contact, and the change of the measured liquid level is converted into an electrical signal output and connected to the secondary instrument to detect the liquid level height.

Car sensor (2 photos)

Technical Parameters

Range: can be customized according to the height of the box in which the user holds the liquid

Signal output form: resistance output (resistance range can be customized)

Voltage level: DC5V~24V Supporting instruments: pointer meter, digital meter

Overall structure: column type

Installation method: top-mounted

Service life: 5*106 (continuous action)

Scope of use

Sensor (4 photos)


1. Oil level detection of various vehicle fuel tanks;

2, industrial use of various liquid testing.

3, various types of fuel tanks, water tanks, and non-corrosive chemical reagent tanks, etc., can accurately detect and display liquid level information through the meter.

Disassembly method of automobile fuel tank and fuel level sensor:

1) Drain the fuel in the fuel tank by siphoning or by hand pump.

2) Lift the vehicle from the rear of the vehicle and support it on the support gantry.

3) Remove the battery negative cable.

4) Disassemble the fuel supply pipe and the return pipe from the underside of the vehicle and disassemble the exhaust hose from the tank port, then block the hose nozzle and the oil outlet with a clean rag.

5) Remove the large rubber pad from the fuel tank outlet.

6) Remove the carpet from the back box, then remove the tank liner holder and remove the liner.

7) Disassemble the fuel line oil sensor electrical wire connector, and pull the wire off the wire.

B) Unscrew the fuel tank fixing nut, slowly lift the oil tank and pull out the oil drain hose.

9) Lift the fuel tank up and make it a certain gap, then pull it back out of the back box.

10) While disassembling the fuel tank, loosen the fuel filter at the fuel hose outlet of the fuel tank.

11) Clean the oil filter and check for damage and replace if necessary. If the fuel tank is corroded or leaking, repair or replace it.

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