Application of fuel stick sensor

Application of fuel stick sensor

In the current technology, the oil (liquid) position sensor is divided into two categories: one is to use a sliding potentiometer as the basic detection component, which is driven by a float potentiometer, and then its resistance is detected by an ohmmeter to achieve display. The purpose of the oil level, but when the oil scale covers the potentiometer, its resistance value will change, causing too much error or even being used, making such a fuel tank sensor a wearing part with a short life. The other type uses an inductive coil as the basic detecting element. It uses a float to drive the inductor, changes the oscillation frequency of the circuit, and then measures the frequency by the frequency meter to determine the oil (liquid) position. However, its structure is complicated, debugging is troublesome, the cost is high, the price is expensive, and it cannot be widely used.

The new oil level sensor, which has long service life, safe and reliable action, and no spark, is an excellent substitute for various fuel tank oil level sensors. It can be divided into the following categories:

Fuel tank oil level sensor

A principle: Using the magnetic field generated by the ferrite magnet to control the on/off principle of the reed switch, the change of the measured oil level is converted into a resistance voltage signal output, and connected with the secondary instrument to detect the height of the oil level of the fuel tank. sensor.

Such products are excellent substitutes for various vehicle fuel tank oil level sensors due to their high detection accuracy, safety and reliability, long service life, maintenance-free and easy installation.

B Typical application

Fuel tank oil level measurement for various vehicles (including industrial vehicles, heavy vehicles, passenger cars, agricultural vehicles)

C Technical Specifications

Range: The signal output form can be customized according to the user's fuel tank oil level: resistance output (resistance range can be customized), voltage output (0-5V) detection sensitivity: 2mm-30mm optional display mode: pointer meter or digital meter overall Structure: column type

Housing material: stainless steel

Operating temperature: -40°C to +80°C

Hysteresis (reaction time): ≤ 0.1 seconds

Installation method: Top-mounted (installed from the top of the tank) Service life: 5*1000000 (continuous action)

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