What are the purposes of remote drug monitoring?

As is known to all, drug warehouses are distinguished from other sites. Because they are stored as chemical products, the requirements for environmental temperature and humidity are very strict.

The drug remote monitoring system refers to the computer as the main body, integrated detection device, supervision department, drug production and operation enterprise, and real-time monitoring, supervision and management of the drug production and operation environment, computer system and network equipment by linking the computers of each unit through the network system. And a modern information management system for automatic control.

In addition to the prevention and monitoring of accidents caused by human factors, the monitoring of drug warehouses must also make timely detection of accidents caused by changes in environmental factors, so that decisions can be made in a fast time to ensure the safety of the warehouse. In response to this feature of the warehouse, the system is specially designed to increase the function of connecting the sensor signals, and can realize the access and alarm management of various sensors such as temperature and humidity, access control, infrared radiation, and induction cable, and can be combined with video. The image is linked and composited. In this way, once the sensor signal is abnormal, the system will automatically generate an alarm and save the accident live video recording together with the alarm for recall.

The most prominent feature and the most significant advantage of the drug remote monitoring system is real-time, that is, the data in the first time is updated and monitored in real time through the network. This inevitably requires the pharmaceutical production and operation enterprises to submit relevant medical and mechanical information on a regular basis and in a timely manner to ensure the normal operation of the system and achieve the purpose of real-time monitoring.

There are two purposes for remote monitoring of drug installation:

1. The drug regulatory department can implement dynamic monitoring of drugs in all operating enterprises within its jurisdiction;

Second: the pharmacy itself needs to work, with the electronic monitoring system can omit all the paper records, improve the management level of the pharmacy.

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