Analyze temperature and humidity detection, monitoring and management of warehouses and warehouses

Temperature and humidity detection, monitoring and management of warehouses and warehouses. Common warehouse warehouses include medical chain cold storage warehouses, grain storage warehouses, logistics warehouses, commodity storage warehouses, etc., but warehouses can be divided into various types according to the stored goods and temperature and humidity. Types of:

1. General warehouse, which stores warehouses of industrial products and agricultural products without special requirements.

Second, special warehouses, which are warehouse warehouses dedicated to storing certain types of goods, in order to ensure the quality and safety of such goods, so it is necessary to add some facilities, such as sealing, insect proof, mildew proof, fire prevention and monitoring. Equipment and equipment.

Third, special warehouses, which are mainly used for storing chemical products, dangerous goods, corrosive products, petroleum and pharmaceuticals, etc. These warehouses mainly include refrigerators, thermal storage, and dangerous goods warehouses.

The three different warehouse types summarized above have the same point, that is, “temperature and humidity”. It is generally recommended that the temperature of the warehouse be kept at 5-25 ° C, and the humidity should not be too large, which should be 25%-60%. The temperature and humidity inside the warehouse is an important environmental factor. It determines the application period of the goods and goods stored in the warehouse. The good temperature and humidity environment can guarantee the use time and performance of the goods. Temperature and humidity are an important indicator of the quality of the warehouse. Real-time detection, monitoring and management of warehouse temperature and humidity are particularly important.

Through the above temperature and humidity monitoring system, the real-time temperature and humidity environment of the warehouse warehouse can be accurately grasped, the quality of the warehouse goods is maintained intact, and an environment suitable for commodity storage is created.

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