Jiutong Wulian professionally provides mobile asset monitoring and management system

As we all know, for some large companies, the effective management of enterprise assets and the maintenance of products after sale are all problems that companies are eager to solve. The mobile asset monitoring and management system, as a new model for the application of the Internet of Things, can be applied in many industries such as manufacturing, logistics, transportation, retail, and car rental. In this issue of the article, Jiutong Wulian Xiaobian gave you a brief introduction and hoped to help you.

Mobile Asset Management System Concept:

The mobile asset management system embeds a data transmission terminal on the machine to allow the machine to "talk". Through the data transmission terminal, the operation information of the machine equipment can be transmitted to the monitoring center in real time; the monitoring center can perform corresponding operations on the machine equipment according to the actual application situation. The system's information delivery is interactive, enabling companies to remotely control their own assets.

Professional mobile asset monitoring and management system

Mobile Asset Management System Features:

Open remote monitoring system facilitates the management and maintenance of corporate assets

System networking is flexible, convenient and reliable

Improve work efficiency and save service costs

Prompt enterprise service quality and improve the market competitiveness of enterprises

Accelerate the process of enterprise information management construction and enhance corporate image

The mobile asset monitoring and management system has built an open and intelligent control and management system for the enterprise to realize the integration of "control, control, and management" of terminal equipment and assets, which can greatly improve the efficiency and savings of the enterprise asset management and maintenance platform. Manpower and material costs, to a certain extent, can also reduce the risk of business operations.

System Value: The use of a mobile asset management system can help companies establish an asset management and maintenance system in a short period of time. Compared with the traditional PC entry method, it greatly improves work efficiency, saves time costs, and has more operating methods. Flexibility enables asset management to be done anytime, anywhere.

Jiutong Tonglian has accumulated considerable technical reserves and independent intellectual property rights in the temperature monitoring of refrigeration vehicles, remote monitoring of drugs, and temperature monitoring of goods, and provides a mobile asset monitoring ecosystem chain platform operation and service with credibility.

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