According to the size of the cold storage capacity

At present, the cold storage capacity and division have not yet been unified, generally divided into large, medium and small scales. The following is a brief description of Jiutong Wulian’s Xiaobian:

(1) The capacity of cold storage for large-scale cold storages is 10,000 tons or more, the capacity for freezing of productive cold storages is 120-160 tons per day, and the freezing capacity for distribution cold storage is 40-80 tons per day.

(2) The refrigerated capacity of the medium-sized cold storage is 1,000 tons to 10,000 tons, the freezing capacity of the production cold storage is 40 to 120 tons per day, and the freezing capacity of the distribution cold storage is 40 to 80 tons per day.

(3) The refrigerated capacity of a small cold storage is at most 1,000 tons. The freezing capacity of a productive cold storage is 20 to 40 tons per day. The refrigerating capacity of a distributed cold storage is less than 20 tons per day.

Sort by refrigerated design temperature

Can be divided into high temperature, low temperature, ultra-low temperature and variable temperature cold storage four categories of cold storage. The refrigerated design temperature of general high-temperature cold storage is between -2°C and +8°C; the temperature of low-temperature cold storage is generally between -30°C and 23°C; the temperature of ultra-low temperature fast-freezing cold storage is generally between -80°C and 30°C.

China's indoor prefabricated cold storage professional standard ZBX 99003-1986 classifies the cold storage according to the storage temperature. China's annual food production is very high, but because of regional factors, food must be transported by long distances to meet the needs of humans everywhere.

Sort by library structure category

The first is the civil cold storage. This is a type of cold storage that is currently being built more often and can be built as a single or multi-storey building. The main body of a building is generally a reinforced concrete frame structure or a brick-concrete structure. The envelope structure of the civil cold storage is a heavy structure. The thermal inertia is large. The diurnal fluctuation of the outside air temperature and the day and night temperature fluctuation caused by the solar radiation on the outer surface of the envelope structure are greatly attenuated in the envelope structure. Therefore, the envelope structure Internal surface temperature fluctuations are small. The library temperature is also easy to stabilize.

The second is a fabricated cold storage. This kind of cold storage is a single-layer form, and the storage plate is a lightweight prefabricated thermal insulation plate assembly structure of a steel frame. The load-bearing components are mostly made of thin-walled steel. The inner and outer panels of the library board are made of colored steel plates. The core material of the library board is foamed rigid polyurethane or cat-foamed polystyrene foam board. Since all components except the ground are in uniform at the professional factory Prefabrication. Assembled at the site, so the construction progress is fast and the construction period is short.

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