Cold-chain monitoring demand dominated by fresh processing and distribution companies

The problem of cold chain monitoring demand led by fresh processing and distribution companies, in this issue of the article, Jiutong Wulian Xiaobian will give you a brief introduction:

In order to promote the construction of modern circulation systems for fresh foods such as vegetables, boost farmers' income, and secure market supply, local governments have increased their support for fresh food processing and distribution companies in terms of policies, projects, technologies, and funds in recent years. Processing and distribution companies and community convenience food shops have developed rapidly, promoting the construction of fresh food circulation systems such as vegetables, and stimulating the production of fresh foods and branded fresh foods.

Fresh produce processing and distribution companies mainly focus on direct sales within the city. Major customers include public canteens of enterprises and institutions, retail enterprises such as supermarket chains, and various community retail shops and other group consumers. Among them, Beijing fresh processing and distribution companies can be roughly divided into three types:

First, a distribution enterprise that integrates technology promotion, production, and sales, developed by agricultural extension departments, demonstration farms, or technology demonstration parks. For example, Beijing Tianan Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. in Xiaotangshan, a Beijing agricultural technology promotion station, has a very good company, mainly distribution supermarkets. Currently, there are 71 supermarkets, with daily distribution of over 20 tons, and annual distribution turnover of 10 million yuan.

Second, relying on the distribution cooperation economic organization developed by the circulation enterprises in the wholesale market, it has a certain market foundation and strong market development capabilities. For example, Beijing Lutong Fresh Food Processing and Distribution Center located in Xinfadi Wholesale Market has long-term cooperation with Guangdong, Hainan, Northeast, Hebei, Shandong, and Inner Mongolia and has established a base for the development of vegetable distribution business. It is established in Daxing District. There is a breeding base, and in the Tongzhou Xiji set up vegetable cultivation Kwai and build a stable solar greenhouse and mushroom shed more than 500 acres.

In order to implement the "Three-Year Action Plan for the Beijing Business Services Welcome to the Olympic Games" to further solve the problem of hard-won food for the residents of the community, the work target of adding more than 300 community convenience food distribution restaurants to the city in 2008 was completed. Beijing has established several hundred A community convenience food distribution restaurant. Under the guidance and support of relevant national departments and the Beijing Municipal Government and various district governments, Xinfadi Agricultural Products Wholesale Market relies on the advantages of products and information to increase the logistics distribution function and cooperate with all community streets in the city's six The district has established 120 community vegetable shops, which adopt the form of “unified procurement, unified distribution (distribution, transportation), uniform standards, unified brand, unified sales”.

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