Diversification of Cold Chain Logistics Operation Mode

After the cold-chain logistics operation mode of fresh agricultural products, after the fresh agricultural products are produced by the production enterprises and finally reach the consumers through the wholesale and retail enterprises, cold chain logistics companies or fresh processing and distribution companies may participate in each link. The different circulation modes of fresh agricultural products determine the number of cold chain links, and the circulation modes that are dominated by different operating entities have very different levels of cold chain development. It is necessary to decide whether to adopt cold chain measures depending on the quality positioning of the products.

Cold chain plays a role in the wholesale sector through the construction of distribution and distribution cold storage, serving the temporary product storage of merchants; in the retail sector, it mainly plays a role in refrigerated containers and supermarket fresh food distribution centers to ensure product quality and quality and reduce losses; The processing link mainly takes the role of processing and distribution centers such as vegetables and fruits. The distribution link at the end of the city is mainly carried out through the cold storage and cold storage distribution of cold chain logistics city distribution companies. Cold chain is an indispensable means for enterprises to realize professional services.

The operating mode of fresh agricultural products cold chain logistics can be roughly divided into the following four categories: one is the cold chain logistics model led by the wholesale market of agricultural and sideline products; the other is the cold chain logistics model dominated by large chain supermarkets; The cold chain logistics model dominated by fresh processing and distribution companies, and the cold chain logistics model led by third-party cold chain logistics companies. At present, the cold chain logistics model dominated by the wholesale market of agricultural and sideline products accounts for a large proportion, and in a certain period of time in the future, this model still dominates. However, with the continuous development of agricultural industrialization, the state supports the agricultural super-docking policy, and the proportion of cold chain logistics models dominated by large-scale supermarket chains will continue to increase.

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