Cold chain transport monitoring city common distribution progress

The high level of commercial circulation industry system and the diversified consumption patterns of residents have brought great potential for urban cold chain transportation monitoring and logistics distribution. The perfect cold chain transportation monitoring and control logistics distribution node facilities and distribution network enable rapid development of urban cold chain transportation monitoring and logistics distribution, and the capacity of cold chain transportation monitoring and distribution can be improved. The logistics industry is an industry with significant economies of scale. Only by continuously integrating various resources and achieving a high degree of intensive can we reduce the costs of enterprises and society. Co-distribution is the first choice for achieving a high degree of intensification, and it is also the highest stage for the development of urban cold-chain logistics distribution.

At present, the government actively promotes the monitoring and distribution of urban cold chain transportation, encourages enterprises to build a common distribution platform in various forms, integrates the logistics needs of business enterprises and social logistics resources, optimizes the operation mode of joint distribution management, and improves the socialization and integration of cold chain food distribution. Level. For example, Beijing relies on Xinfadi. It builds a demonstration park for Beijing urban fresh agricultural product logistics distribution covering an area of about 300 acres, and builds an on-site intelligent distribution system. It purchases 500 small-scale green electric vehicles to realize the goods in the market. Deployment and regulation of on-site transportation order.

Cold chain transportation monitoring and logistics common distribution refers to the fact that the current cold chain logistics foundation is weak and it is difficult to narrow the gap with the developed countries in a relatively long period of time. On the one hand, it fully integrates existing cold chain resources and establishes a unified logistics distribution center with a regional core. On the other hand, the joint distribution model includes a third-party logistics company that provides services to multiple customers and also includes multiple distribution companies. Together with the distribution, it also includes a number of industrial and commercial enterprises to jointly invest in the construction of cold chain logistics facilities, namely, the common distribution of logistics, the common use of logistics resources, the common use of logistics facilities and equipment, and the commonization of logistics management.

From the microscopic point of view, the realization of multi-temperature co-ordination of cold-chain logistics can improve the efficiency of cold-chain logistics operations, reduce the operating costs of enterprises, and can save a lot of funds, equipment, land, manpower and so on. Enterprises can concentrate on managing their core businesses, promoting their growth and diffusion, expanding their market scope, eliminating closed sales networks, and building a coexistence and sharing environment.

From the perspective of society as a whole, the realization of multi-temperature co-ordination of cold-chain transportation monitoring logistics can reduce the total amount of social refrigerated trucks, reduce the phenomenon of hampering urban traffic due to unloading, and improve the state of transportation; it is effective through the centralized treatment of cold chain logistics. Improve the loading rate of cold chain transportation monitoring vehicles, save the processing space and human resources of cold chain logistics, improve cold chain transportation monitoring and commercial logistics environment, and then improve the quality of the entire society.

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