Changes in food consumption structure promote cold chain monitoring and logistics

With the continuous improvement of China's consumption level, people's food consumption from the satisfaction of injection weight to the pursuit of qualitative improvement, both in terms of consumer quality and consumption structure have undergone significant changes, especially the ratio of fresh food in the rural residents' food consumption structure. A significant increase. The increase in the demand for cold-chain foods such as vegetables, meat and poultry, aquatic products, fruits and dairy products will inevitably stimulate the development of the food cold-chain logistics industry.

National rural residents have changed the traditional grain-based food consumption pattern, and the proportion of food consumption has gradually decreased. The year-on-year 63.82% fell to 55.49% in 2011; the share of fresh foods such as vegetables, meats, aquatic products, fruits and fruits increased steadily, reaching 29.06% in 2011, 6.76 intestines, 1.76%, and 6.92%, respectively. In the food consumption structure of residents, the proportion of food and vegetable consumption decreased from 34.69% and 41.66% in 1995 to 27.06% and 39.17% in 2011; the share of melons and fruits and meat and poultry consumption has risen steadily until 2011. Reached 17.79% and 12.02%, respectively.

[cold chain monitoring range]

Cold chain monitoring is in principle applicable to all industries and products that have clear requirements for cryogenic storage and transportation. With the emergence of new industries or new products, the scope of cold chain monitoring will continue to expand.

Current cold chain monitoring major industries include:

Food categories: meat, eggs, milk, frozen foods, aquatic products, cold drinks, fast food ingredients, etc.

Fruits and vegetables (agricultural products) categories: fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc.

Pharmaceuticals: biological products, blood products, etc.

Other unclassified: Other products that require low temperature storage and transportation.

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