Speed Food and Fast Food Industry Drives the Need for Cold Chain Monitoring

With the change of work rhythm and lifestyle, people gradually tend to save “kitchen time”, bring instant foods that are time-saving and convenient to life, and instant foods such as instant vegetables, which are popular among consumers and sales continue to increase. With the further reduction of the family size, the acceleration of the pace of life, the increase of leisure time, and the enrichment of entertainment methods, the residents choose to eat out in most cases, and they particularly favor economic fast food such as Yoshinoya, KFC, and McDonald's.

Both fast food and fast food are factory-produced foods. The raw materials of these products are required to be processed in a low-temperature environment during production and processing, as well as the storage of finished products and the transportation and distribution processes from the factory to the sales shop. As fast food, consumers can buy food simply by simply heating it up, and fast foods can be sold simply after heating. The circulation, production, and storage of products such as fast foods and fast foods have made new demands on cold chain monitoring and logistics. The cold chain monitoring and logistics supporting fast food and fast food industries has developed rapidly.

Modern cold chain monitoring logistics belongs to temperature-controlled logistics. In order to realize timely information processing of cold chain logistics, optimization of distribution processes, and access to sorting automation and logistics management intelligence, cold chain logistics needs information technology as an auxiliary means.

Currently, companies in the cold chain monitoring industry can basically provide basic services such as warehousing, cold chain transportation, and city distribution; in addition, some companies provide a wider range of services such as distribution, sorting and labeling. Functions; value-added services such as purchasing, inventory management, and data analysis. Continuously providing valuable value-added services will be one of the development trends of the industry in the future.

(This article was originally created by Jiutong Wulian. Reprinted must indicate the source: http://www.jointcontrols.cn/ Please cherish the labor of others)

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