Analysis of Cold Chain Transport Monitoring Standardization Management Organization

In 2009, it was not only the year of development of cold chain transportation monitoring in China, but also the beginning of the cold chain transportation monitoring standard. Among them, an important symbol was the National Logistics Standardization Technical Committee Cold Chain Logistics Subcommittee established on November 30 that year. (Cold Labeling Committee) It is reported that in 2009, there were 8 national standards for cold chain approved, and six standards such as “Assessment of Service Conditions for Cold-chain Logistics Enterprises” were all launched as the work focus of the “Cold Labeling Committee” in 2010. In addition, the CCS Committee will also conduct investigations and discussions on the demonstration project of cold chain logistics informationization and the "12th Five-Year Plan" cold chain industry policy.

At the same time, the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing has spent several months investigating and after fully listening to the recommendations of companies in the cold chain industry such as Sinotrans Group, China Agricultural Development Group, Shandong Lushang Group, CIMC, and Yantai Ice Wheel, decided to organize and set up industry characteristics. Cross-sectoral, cross-industry, and cross-regional cold-chain logistics professional organization - China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing Cold Chain Logistics Professional Committee (LIP) to fully integrate decentralized cold-chain markets, optimize social cold-chain resources, and promote China's cold Chain logistics is healthy and sustainable.

Because of the characteristics of the vertical management of the department according to the product attributes, the cold chain transportation monitoring and logistics service resources are scattered in various fields such as food, primary agricultural products, and biomedicine. Under the unified leadership of the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, the office of the “cold committee” preparatory secretariat and the “cold labeling committee” office will be conducive to breaking the boundaries between product industries and government departments, integrating industry forces, and regulating the market. Order, promote cold-chain transportation monitoring and long-term sustainable development of the logistics industry.

Jiutong cold chain monitoring platform has the following characteristics:

1. Reduce the investment in the cold chain system of cold chain enterprises.

2. Improve the efficiency of cold chain enterprise logistics operations and provide transportation vehicle scheduling.

3. Improve the brand image of cold-chain companies and change the traditional attitude of consumption, so that enterprises are more competitive in the industry.

4. Complete timely connection with supervision and traceability systems, clarify food safety responsibilities, and reduce cold chain business risks.

5. Complete the cold chain monitoring of the parties in the process of transport, storage, consigner, cargo recipients, and national regulators in order to ensure the quality of transported goods.

Shenzhen Jiutong IOT Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in providing remote monitoring and management solutions for mobile assets such as logistics equipment in the segmentation of IoT applications, and is committed to becoming the world's leading provider of mobile asset monitoring and management solutions.

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