Necessity and Development Trend of Drug Remote Monitoring

As we all know, in our society, whether it is food or medicine, it is a special commodity that has a direct bearing on the people’s life and health. At present, the temperature and humidity detection equipment in the remote medicine monitoring and control industry is mainly a thermometer and a temperature and humidity recorder. Most pharmaceutical storage and distribution companies are still using traditional thermometers, data are manually recorded, the regulatory level of drug circulation is low, and data reliability is poor.

According to the requirements of the GSP certification of the State Administration of Food and Drugs and the requirement for pharmaceuticals wholesalers to store medicines in cool and cool warehouses, and install cold and cold storage facilities for automatic monitoring of temperature and humidity, and connect them to computers to achieve 24-hour automatic monitoring and recording of temperature and humidity data. When the humidity exceeds the specified range, an automatic alarm will be issued to notify the warehouse personnel to take appropriate measures to control it.

According to this market demand, Ogaki Tree Information Technology is dedicated to the R&D and application of temperature and humidity monitoring, and has accumulated rich experience in temperature and humidity monitoring in the pharmaceutical industry. Now there are many successful cases across the country. The design of the monitoring system strictly complies with the relevant stipulations of the State Food and Drug Administration on medical refrigerated warehouses. It can be used in conjunction with the company to pass GSP and GMP certification.

Drug remote monitoring main functions:

1. It can count the temperature and humidity history data of any interval.

2, the use of digital transmitter, high precision and high reliability.

3, data export function, available U disk export record data.

4, the system has strict authority management, different personnel have different permissions, only authorized personnel can be the appropriate management and operation.

5. Real-time monitoring and recording of temperature and humidity changes in pharmaceutical warehouses, and monitoring and control of door magnets and refrigeration units.

6, the data can be automatically recorded and long-term preservation according to the user's needs. And at any time to view historical data, curves.

7. The temperature and humidity upper and lower limit alarm values of each monitoring point can be set, and the alarm history record can be queried; when the measured value exceeds the upper and lower limit alarms, it can be easily achieved through sound and light, SMS, telephone voice, and Email alarms. .

In the current situation where there are many remote drug monitoring targets, the situation of drug-related units is complex, and the market-related drugs are mixed, in order to achieve comprehensive and effective supervision of drug production, distribution, and use, the drug regulatory authorities in some regions have adopted remote monitoring as An effective administrative supervision aid is used.

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