Jiu Tong Wulian Analysis of Logistics Electronic Locks

As we all know, there is an electronic lock in the field of logistics. It is the electronic lock of logistics. Through the mobile GPRS wireless network system, the whole process of cargo transportation can be continuously monitored in real time, and real-time alarms can be provided to enable the regulatory agencies, transport companies, and shippers, customers, etc. Real-time monitoring of the flow of goods, ensuring effective supervision during the transportation of goods, improving the efficiency of customs clearance or inspection, thereby reducing the cost of enterprises and enhancing their competitiveness.

First, logistics electronic lock function

Reuse: recycling, green

Rugged and durable: high-strength lock body, lock lever and lock rope design

Intuitive instructions: electricity, work status, etc.

Explosion-proof safety: lock body sealed design, suitable for outdoor use

Password protection: When opening an electronic lock, you must operate with a unique password

Outdoor design: weatherproof, salt spray, shockproof design, adapt to various outdoor environments.

Automatic alarm: When the lock rod is destroyed, it will automatically send an alarm message to the platform

Alarm prompt: When the electronic lock alarm, send alarm information to the platform via GPRS

Lasting power: large-capacity rechargeable lithium battery and low-power circuit design to ensure long-term outdoor use

Storage records: large-capacity power loss without losing memory, accurate and detailed record of a series of operations on the lock body, as a management basis

Double locking: The keyhole can be locked, and two door columns can be locked through the lock cord to enhance safety and prevent cheating.

Remote wireless monitoring: tracking trajectory information through GPRS or SMS network, and remotely control/check electronic locks

Second, emergency charging

If you find that the lock is not responding during unpacking, it is probably because the battery is exhausted. In this case, you must use the charging plug to insert the electronic lock charging hole. After waiting for the electronic lock to work again, enter the password to unlock or go online after passing the platform. The unlocking instruction is issued and the electronic lock should be charged immediately after unlocking.

In emergency situations, other standard USB battery power sources can also be used for charging.

Third, the use of logistics electronic lock precautions

1. The SIM card used for the electronic lock needs to be pre-assembled inside the lock body, and the user cannot disassemble and replace it.

2. The normal working voltage of lithium polymer battery is 3.7V-4.2V. When the voltage is lower than 3.7V, the circuit can still work, but in order to prevent the power from running out on the way, the lock should be charged immediately;

3. During the use of logistics electronic locks, extreme high and low temperatures, high humidity, and high corrosive environments should be avoided. Lithium polymers have a sharp drop in battery capacity and performance outside the temperature range of -20°C to +60°C.

4. Due to the large battery capacity, the battery charging current may reach 2A, and must be charged by using the charger and charging cable provided by the manufacturer. Do not switch to other USB interface power supply to avoid other power damage caused by this;

5. If the operation is timed out during deblocking, if it is determined that the battery is dead and cannot work, the charging treasure can be used to charge the lock. Under normal circumstances, the electronic lock can work normally after about 5 minutes of charging time, and the charger should be used immediately after unlocking. Charge

6. When the lock is locked, insert the lock into the lock hole and push it to the end. At the same time, observe the LCD power indicator and the electronic lock cannot be opened after sealing. If it is found that the lock can not be unlocked, it can be unsealed again, or it can be unlocked and unlocked again after sealing;

7. Lithium polymer battery used in logistics electronic locks, operating voltage is 3.7-4.2VDC, built-in sealed in the lock body, charge and discharge times of about 500 times, charging time is about 2-3 hours. Please charge the electronic lock timely when low voltage is indicated, please keep the electronic lock in the open state when charging, otherwise it cannot be completely filled;

Well, the relevant introduction of logistics electronic lock is here today, if you want to know more about logistics electronic locks, container monitoring, remote fuel consumption monitoring, please contact Jiutong Wulian, we wholeheartedly at your service!

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